How It Works


  • You provide us with recent copies of your Telecommunications invoices and bills.
  • We obtain your company’s Customer Service Records from your existing vendors and service providers.
  • We look at current monthly costs for your telecom services and compare these costs to what you should be paying according to your contracts.
  • We create a spreadsheet showing your existing services & associated costs.
  • We find and disconnect unused circuits, lines and services on your behalf.
  • We find and cancel Third Party Provider charges and often get refunds for our clients
  • As needed, we provide you with a Network Diagram showing all of your company’s existing telecom services.
  • At your request, we meet and work with vendors on your behalf or together with you and your vendors, to assist in selection/pricing of your company’s services.

If we are doing an RFP or looking into renewal of your services, we provide your company a cost comparison, showing your existing services and costs compared to current market pricing for same or similar services. We use a minimum of 3 vendors for comparison.

We research all options on your behalf, provide pricing, potential solutions and let you choose vendor(s) based on your company’s needs.

And you only pay K-Consult, LLC if we find savings for your company.

Our cost is based on a percentage of the annual savings we find for your company. So you are paying K-Consult, LLC on the savings or monies that we find for you.

We do all the legwork for you, allowing you and your staff to focus on your jobs and what you do best.